CDAF for Linux.

Getting Started with CDAF on Linux. This is not a comprehensive tutorial on implementing CDAF, this is simple quickstart guide, serving primarily as a reminder when creating a new solution.

Production-Like Environment Using Vagrant and VirtualBox (Recommended)

By using the included Vagrant file, a quickstart environment can be created from the CDAF package.

Desktop Execution

Tested on Ubuntu (14.04 and above), CentOS (6 and above), RHEL (7) and Mac OS X (Snow Leopard).

To support loopback testing on localhost, provisioning a deployer account and apply a PKI key.

Note: For Mac OS X, see the Mac quick start page.

Download and extract the CDAF package. To validate the downloaded framework:

curl -s | bash -

To provision, create a deployer user and target directory, set a password for the deploy user.

./automation/provisioning/ deployer
./automation/provisioning/ /opt/packages deployer
sudo passwd deployer

Run the agent pre-shared key utility, press enter three times when prompted to generate the key, do not enter a passphrase.

./automation/provisioning/ deployer@localhost

Apply to Solution

Initialise the solution and re-run the emulator, this time no build, local or remote tasks are performed...

mkdir automation-solution
cp ./automation/solution/CDAF.solution ./automation-solution

Create a build task in the a project directory (name is Project in this example)

mkdir Project
echo "REMOVE bin" > Project/build.tsk
echo "EXITIF \$ACTION" >> Project/build.tsk
echo "# Following will be executed when performing ACTION is not populated" >> Project/build.tsk
echo "PROPLD \$SOLUTIONROOT/CDAF.solution" >> Project/build.tsk
echo "MAKDIR bin" >> Project/build.tsk
echo "VECOPY \$SOLUTIONROOT/CDAF.solution bin/pretend.jar" >> Project/build.tsk

Once the Project Build is validated, gather the resulting artefacts for packaging. Create a the artefact definition file in your solution.

echo "Project/bin/*.jar" > automation-solution/storeForRemote

Copy and add the target definitions (localhost and Vagrant) to the solution and define a task to perform on the target

cp ./automation/solution/propertiesForRemoteTasks ./automation-solution -r
echo "ls -l Project/bin" > automation-solution/tasksRunRemote.tsk

Incremental Database

Simple imcrimental script runner (postgresql only).